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Entrepreneurship is one of the most difficult jobs (if you could call it that) that anyone could undertake. However, it still holds as one with the most control over your own schedule, the most freedom and the most returns given that you can manage to grow your business.
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complicated to control

However, that is easier said than done given that a number of different factors (often too complicated to control come into play.
Therefore, to help the young business entrepreneurs scale their businesses and make a real impact, Left Right is here. We operate in Australia and provide support to young entrepreneurs that are often low on skill but high on passion to grow their business and become world leaders.

What Do We Do?

In providing support, this is what we do for our customer businesses:

Provide Consultation

A part of our job involves dealing with entrepreneurs that want to achieve everything on their own. And in all honesty, they definitely can. All they need is to be pointed in the right direction and that is exactly what we do. We simply point them in the right direction and they go out to achieve wonders.


Some entrepreneurs may need a little more help than simple consultation. We help these people learn essential skills such as pitching their ideas, making business plan, bootstrapping and so on.


Once they have these skills they can grow their business better than they could have done earlier.


Sometimes however, these young entrepreneurs may need more than just training and consultation


and may want us to collaborate with them like an incubation center. We oblige and help out in whatever way that we can.

Our Latest Work

Top Reasons to Hire Employment Lawyers Melbourne

Top Reasons to Hire Employment Lawyers Melbourne

The relationships established with people at the workplace should never lose sight of one important factor: it’s all business.

Your interests and rights should always be looked after even with a dream job. Your workplace in Melbourne may be fulfilling and happy. Yet, having access to employment lawyers, Melbourne should be part of the equation whether you are an employee or an employer.

Employment Lawyers for Employees

Protecting the interests and rights of employees are tremendously helped by employment lawyers. Employers comply with employment regulations and rules when an employment lawyer is on the side of an employee.

The multiple benefits an employment lawyer provides to an employee include:

Wrongful termination

An employee enjoys protection from the numerous laws enacted for their benefit. Some of the employee rights covered by the law include discrimination in the workplace, equal pay, and more. A credible employment lawyer is needed every time there are violations committed against these employee rights. A good and experienced employment lawyer helps to use the foundations of law to file a lawsuit in cases of wrongful termination.

Being wrongfully disciplined or treated unfairly

Feeling mistreated while working is another legal issue aside from wrongful termination. Perhaps you see a lot of instances wherein your boss treats you differently from your colleagues or has it out for you.

Building a case with this scenario can be difficult to prove. However, hiring a good employment lawyer enables him/her to collect crucial data to prove the act of discrimination against you.

Toxic work environment investigation

The law is not only broken but the health and safety of the workers with a toxic work environment. Studies after studies show that one of the leading causes of death is a toxic work environment.

An experienced employment lawyer is needed for him/her to prove the toxicity of a workplace and get just compensation for the workers.

Racial discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace

Vigilant handling is needed with legal issues of racial discrimination and sexual harassment happening in the workplace. Documenting the problems all the way becomes possible with the help of an employment lawyer.

The lawyer will be able to assist you in procuring proofs that will add weight to your case and eventually get rightfully compensated for the wrong done.

Workers compensation

One of the most prevalent issues in the workplace that needs the help of an experienced employment lawyer is worker’s compensation claims.

Becoming sick or getting hurt while on the job needs an employment lawyer to be compensated for the long-term.

Employment Lawyers for Employers

Just like employees, employers have rights too. The services of an employment lawyer are needed by an employer with a business that has people on a payroll.

Protection from wrongful termination lawsuits filed by employees

Employees filing lawsuits of wrongful termination from employees need the legal expertise of a seasoned employment lawyer. Backing up the right decision of firing an employee is made possible with the right legal representation.

Come up with good severance packages

The severance packages an employer leaves to employees should be created in such a way to compensate them. The right severance packages can be created with the help of a good employment lawyer.

Access to a reputable employment lawyer is important whether you’re an employee or employer. There are many employment lawyers Melbourne who are willing to help.

Top Tips for Conducting Successful Crime Scene Investigations

Top Tips for Conducting Successful Crime Scene Investigations

Crime scene investigation is a challenging and a convoluted process. Every crime scene is different and requires tremendous amounts of skill and brain to figure the intricate situation out. Mostly based upon innate skills, there are a massive amount of individual tactics and procedures that all come together to develop the process towards a successful crime scene investigation. Every crimes scene investigator has a provisional checklist in his mind. Even though every crime scene has its distinguishing features, there are a few general steps that can help in setting off the investigation and help develop the process customized to fit the scene. Here are a few top tips that can help in conducting a successful investigation.

Set and secure the perimeter

When you locate the focal point of the crime scene mark the area and seal the perimeter. Every minute that is wasted will enable errors. This allows you to preserve the crime scene so that you can be as near to accuracy as possible. Stopping time within this perimeter allows the investigation team to assess each and every detail of the crime scene. Moreover, if the scenery is grotesque or dangerous because it contains weapons then sealing the area will save more people from harm. Cordon off the scene and establish a single point for entry and exit. Make sure that the coming and going of all individuals is documented to avoid any mishaps. 

Dealing with suspects

If you encounter or capture any suspects, they become a part of your crime scene investigation. First and foremost do not forget that you are still collecting evidence and any dealing with the suspect without a criminal lawyers adelaide can lead the investigation to complications. Law does not let go of human rights in any aspect. Any interrogations should be held in the presence of a criminal lawyer.


A crime scene investigator should absorb the scene as much as possible. When you secure the perimeter you are conducting a general survey. By now you have acquainted yourself with the event and the scene. Right after this you must start a detailed survey collecting hints and clues, pictures and props, and then note them down to work on the theories. Communicate and exchange notes within the team to walk yourself through the possible answers to what might have happened. This synchronization enables you to know the crime scene inside out.

Final survey

Accuracy requires dedication. Before leaving the crime scene conduct a final survey to make sure that no stone remains unturned. Walking through the scene once again can help you brainstorm. As evidence keeps accumulating, theories can keep developing. Towards the end taking the final survey helps to put all theories and the scene into perspective. Preserve and record all evidence in an inventory log to keep a tab on it. All details of the crime scene should be covered in documentation and during the final survey everything should be tallied and cross checked. 

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